Commercial Industrial
Aerospace Defense & Military
Consumer & Retail

APM’s is a Preferred Supplier to:

  • Haas Automation & Machine Tool
  • Verari Systems – Data Storage
  • Hewlet Packard
  • Eastman Kodak
  • Nextel Cellular Science- Cell Tower Cabinets
  • L3 Communications
  • Powerwave Technologies – Cellular Underground Vault


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APM’s Commercial and Industrial Products are those manufactured for use within the professional industry. From Hewlett Packard to Haas CNC Machines APM has provided critical internal and visual components. APM’s customers appreciate our ability to produce sample parts, incorporate changes and manufacture production volumes seamlessly. Browse our Gallery and see if you recognize any of our products in your industry.


APM has the capabilities to manufacture parts and assemblies as big a car to as small as a pea. We enjoy a good challenge so send us your requirements and we will propose a solution.

Quick Turn

APM can turn your concept or model file into a part nearly over night. We have agreements with some of our customers to do a “time and material” budget on the prototypes. This avoids the time and energy spent on the quoting process and allows the parts to be turned even quicker. We go the extra mile to support customers; if your deadline is so tight that we need to meet you at the airport to drop off a prototype part for review at that critical meeting – we will! We challenge you to give us a try and see how far we will go to support your needs.

Production Solutions

APM’s customers appreciate our ability to offer and implement manufacturing improvements. These modifications can help reduce cost, improve esthetics and minimize custom tooling. Send us your part or assembly and we’ll provide you production improvements.

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